OJ Fernandes

Videographer | Editor | Sound Designer

About Me

I am passionate about film making and photography. I have an unquenchable love of creating new and innovative stories through various mediums. See some of my previous work here.


Video director, camera man, video editor, and fx artist.

I am passionate about creating videos/films that work to benefit a company in their marketing department and others.


Photographer and editor.

I use these skills to produce high quality images and designs for a company to use in their marketing or anywhere else they see fit.

Sound Design

Sound desinger, producer and mastering.

Sound is a big part of any video. Using your own will help against any copyright claims. I design music and sound for companies to use.

Here are the programs I use to do videography, photography and sound design​

My Video work

My Design work

Logo Designs

Other Designs

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